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Customer Support

Vista Broadband combines the power of microwave wireless and Ethernet over fiber optic technology to bring ultra-high speed and reliability to our business customers. Vista Broadband offers a wide range of solutions with symmetrical download and upload speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to over 10 Gbps!

General Topics
> Configuring your computer for Vista Broadband service (DNS, Default Gateway, IP, etc.)
> How is Vista's wireless different from other wireless?
> Does Vista offer other services?
> What is Vista's technical support strategy?
> What is Symmetrical Internet and Why Does It Matter?
> How Does VoIP work in relation to your service?
> Domains ( Incoming and Outgoing mail server information
> How do I set up my email for Microsoft Outlook?
> How do I set up my email for Microsoft Outlook Express?
> How do I set up my email for Mozilla Thunderbird?
> How do I set up my email for Mac Mail?
> How do I use the WebMail interface?
> How to use Spam Filtering
> Setting Up Rules in Webmail
> Using Settings in Webmail
> Good Email Practices
> Increasing your Email Storage
> How do I acquire a domain?
> Administrating your domain's email accounts
> Administrating your domain's website
Internet Speed & Service
> How do I check how fast my Internet is?
> How can I increase my speed?
> Can I increase my speed temporarily?
Basic Troubleshooting
> My Internet Speed is slow, how do I fix it?
> My Internet Connection is no longer working, what can I do?
> I am unable to run certain online applications (ie: FTP, Remote Desktop Protocol, etc.)
> My mailbox is full / I'm receiving a "mail box is full" error, what do I do?
> The emails I have sent have bounced back to my inbox, what does that mean?